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The Guide to Perfect Curls  



A cocktail of natural ingredients with natural oils of Jojoba, Castor and Rice Proteins. This cocktail of natural active ingredients strengthens the hair fiber and encourages hair growth while providing more definition to curls and eliminating frizz.
A complete treatment in 4 steps:


Step 1: Curl Enhancing Shampoo

After an oil bath, apply your shampoo to damp hair then gently massage your scalp, let the shampoo flow over the rest of your lengths, emulsify, rinse then dry with a microfiber towel or a cotton t-shirt.

Tip: If you have long, thick hair, you can part your hair into 4 sections to make it easier to apply shampoo.


Step 2: Curl Definition Mask

Apply the Curl Defining Mask to damp hair. Leave on for 15 to 25 minutes depending on the condition of your hair before rinsing with clean water.

Tip: wrap your hair in a plastic wrap or heating cap to allow better penetration of the product's moisturizing active ingredients.


Step 3:  Curl Definition Milk  

After rinsing out the mask and pre-drying your hair, you can apply this curl-defining leave-in that will hydrate and define your curls. It is a daily moisturizer that you can apply to your hair every day or 3 times a week as needed. After application, let your hair air-dry or blow-dry.

Tip: when drying with a hair dryer, spread a generous hazelnut of Thermo-Active cream over all of your hair before drying your hair.


Step 4: Curl Definition Cream

On almost dry but still damp hair, apply the curl definition cream in small sections and style your hair as you wish. For a good definition of the loop you can make twists.

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